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Yume Kikaku Co., Ltd. Kentaro Sudo Co., Ltd.

Message from the President

Our company was founded in 2004 in Ugo-cho, Ogatsu-gun, in the southern part of Akita Prefecture, surrounded by mountains on all sides, and has grown with the support of many people. The founder, Kentaro Sudo (current chairman), wanted to retain the home-style taste he ate as a child. Sticking to the old-fashioned method, smoked daikon radish is pickled with plenty of rice bran, sugar and salt, and left to rest for over 100 days. I named the product "Kin no Kura" which was completed through trial and error.


I decided to take over the business because I want to pass on this tradition to future generations, and not allow the Kin no Kura, which is filled with the president's thoughts, to die out. I would like to make this company, which was entrusted to me as an employee who is neither a parent nor a relative, an attractive company that is loved by more people than ever before.


In order to satisfy as many customers as possible, all of our employees will continue to take pride in the production of Buri Gakko.


We would like to ask for your continued support and patronage.


Representative Director Ayumi Usui



September 2015: Comprehensive business plan certification

November 2015: Smokehouse and vinyl greenhouse established

November 2018: Expansion of manufacturing factory

March 2018: HACCP certified pickles manufacturing factory

□Company name

Yume Kikaku Co., Ltd. Kentaro Sudo Shoten


□ Location


 200-2 Tarada Oyachi, Ugo-cho, Ogachi-gun, Akita Prefecture


□ Phone number



□Fax number




Representative Director Ayumi Usui


□Date of establishment

 December 9, 2004

□ Capital

10 million yen

□ Number of employees

■ About 6 people ■ *As of January 2020

□ Business contents

 Tsukemono manufacturing industry


「いぶりがっこ 金の蔵みに」が


「いぶりがっこ 金の蔵みに」が  食べるJAPAN美味アワード2021受賞.png


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