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About Kin no Kura

​The secret story behind the birth of our carefully selected taste

Iburigakko (homemade taste)


The origin of smoked smoke is unknown

It is still unknown when iburi-gakko was made and where it originated.


The southern part of Akita prefecture is covered with deep snow.

Until the early 1950s, taiburigakko was pickled in every home.

The age of getting warm with firewood without a stove

Every house has a large irori hearth, where firewood is used for warmth, rice is cooked, and miso soup is made.

Daikon radishes were hung above the hearth.

With the spread of fossil fuels, kerosene stoves were used for heating, gas stoves were used for cooking, and hearths disappeared with the passage of time.

Said to be a winter tradition

There are no more homes that pickle iburi-gakko.


​The unforgettable taste

Every house only made what they would eat at home.

It was later commercialized, but

Burigakko I want to eat at an izakaya in Tokyo

It tasted different from what I used to eat when I was a kid.

​I want to pass on the original taste

“You are from Akita, so I think you know the taste of Iburigakko, but it must be delicious,” he said. I thought Akita's iburi gakko was much more delicious. On the train returning from Tokyo to Akita, I want to pass on the original taste of Iburi-gakko, which is a specialty of Akita, and preserve it. That's all I was thinking.


The taste that Kin no Kura wants to pass on to future generations

With that in mind, when I turned 60, I established a company and started making Iburigakko. Sticking to the old-fashioned taste and manufacturing method, we use plenty of rice bran, pickle with only sugar and salt for over 100 days, and squeeze the water out of the radish. Through this process, the iburi-gakko is finished with a nostalgic flavor that reminds you of the old days, such as the taste and texture.


This is the "gold storehouse".

"Iburigakko MOVIE"

Until the discerning Iburigakko is made

Introducing a short video so that everyone can know a little more

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